Today I’m sharing our chocolate conker recipe that we make every year as it’s such a fun and messy recipe to make with kids. We’ve been out looking for conkers a few times recently but we must still be too early so these edible chocolate conkers were the next best thing.


I’ve no idea where the original idea for the recipe came from and we’ve amended along the way so this is our version and never fails.


  • Pack of bourbon biscuits we used about 16 (Oreos also work well)
  • 200g of cream cheese
  • 150g bar of chocolate (we mixed milk and plain)
  • Pack of large white chocolate button


This is such an easy recipe that the Little Tots love joining in and can do pretty much themselves.


1. Place the biscuits in a zip lock bag and bash with a rolling pin. We didn’t have any bags so managed to just do this on a place mat without making too much mess.


2. Put the bashed up biscuits in a bowl, add the cream cheese and mix really well until combined.


3. Roll the mixture into balls, we managed to get 13 out of this mixture but depends on the size the Little Tots make them. This bit gets really messy so make sure wash cloths are to hand before they start covering your kitchen in the sticky mixture.


4. Place on a baking tray and put in the fridge for a few hours. We checked ours after 2 hours and they were still really soft so we managed to wait another hour before getting them out. Over night is best but I don’t know any little one that would be happy to wait that long!


5. Melt the chocolate (make sure an adult does this part) and when the conkers are firm enough take them out of the fridge, dip in chocolate and add a white chocolate button on top. This part is by far the messiest and we’ve never found an easy way to do it so just use our hands.


6. We then popped them back in the fridge to set.

Whenever we make these they NEVER last long. I think we had polished them off by the end of the day so thats a perfect excuse to make some more.

Links ot learning:

  • Maths – counting, weighing and measuring, talking about the shapes of the chocolate
  • Sensory – Enjoying sensory experiencs and getting messy
  • Physical development – handling tools and picking up small objects.
  • Communication & Language – Listening and following instructions
  • Selecting and using tools for a purpose – mixing spoon, rolling pin.
  • Understanding the world – changing seasons, when conkers fall etc.

Extend this activity:

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