We’re sharing one of our easy and fun autumn crafts today that we’ve done several tines over the years and even younger kids can get involved. These autumn leaf suncatchers are a lovely way to mark the start of a new season and a great way to get outside and explore the changes around us (this post contains affiliate links). 


You will need:


1. Firstly I cut out the middle of the plate for them as it’s a bit tricky to master for little hands. I then set out with some paints and brushes and left the Little Tots to decorate.


2. Next we went o a walk to collect the leaves whilst the paint was drying. I love getting out at this time of year and exploring all the changes around us. As well as some beautiful coloured leaves we collected acorns, a few conkers and some blackberries for after tea.


3. By the time we returned home our plates were dry so the next step was to cut out a circle or sticky back plastic (contact paper) slightly larger than the hole in the middle of the plate. Next I peeled off the backing and stuck to the plates so the sticky side is on the back of the plate.


4. We then flipped them over and the Little Tots arranged their leaves sticking them to the plastic. Once finished we attached some string and stick tape to hang from our window and await the sun to come through .


They’re currently hanging in our kitchen and create a lovely talging about changing seasons prompt whilst eating at the table  and the colours are just beautiful when the sun catches them.

More autumn fun

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