Finally, after weeks of asking if we can make something to do with minions, we found a quiet 20 minutes this afternoon to sit down and make these simple Minions craft from paper plates. This summer has gone so fast that we haven’t actually done a lot of sitting down to craft or paint so G really enjoyed making these together with me.


Inspired by these Ninja Turtles paper plate crafts by i heart arts n crafts this minion craft was so easy and fun that I already know we are going to end up making a whole army of paper plate minions!

I helped to cut out the circles but other than that left her to it. She knew straight away she wanted to make 3 and call them Stuart, Bob and Kevin from the film Minions.


You will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Yellow paint
  • Black paint
  • Black paper
  • White paper
  • Glue

I set out the materials, cut out the circles and then really did leave G to create these how she pleased. She obviously wasn’t interested in waiting for the paint to dry before gluing on the eyes and adding the mouth and hair but it didn’t seem to matter.



  • Cut out a large white circle for the eyes and a smaller black one to fit inside.
  • Measure out a strip of black paper the length of the plate.
  • Cover the plate in yellow paint (and try to let dry!)
  • Stick on the black band followed by the eyes
  • Add a mouth and some hair and you’re done.



Once fully dried G has been wearing these as masks, showing everyone who has come round to visit them and using them in her imaginative play.

As these were such a huge hit I think we are going to have to try some more Minions crafts. I’ve got lots of ideas already pinned on our Minions Pinterest board so why not check it out for more inspiration.



The Resourceful Mama
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