Last week Georgia came running up to me and asked “mummy what’s a pocock?”. Not  being sure exactly what she meant she tried again to say it in various forms including “po-pea-cock”, “cock cock” and “peacock”. I eventually realised she meant peacock after she described its large feathers and told me she had seen one in a book at preschool.

We decided to investigate them further including making these really easy peacock craft from a paper plate, which as an added bonus, also ties in with this months #GetYourCraft on theme of feathers hosted by Zing Zing Tree.

Paper plate peacock

You will need:

  • Paper plate
  • Blue card or foam
  • Yellow card or foam
  • Multicoloured feathers
  • Sequins (optional)
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue


  • Cut the blue foam or card into the shape of the peacocks body.
  • Cut out a beak shape from the yellow card or foam
  • Cut the bottom third off the paper plate
  • I then laid out the parts and let Georgia create this herself. We had already looked at some pictures so she knew how she wanted it to look.


Paper plate peacock

I can’t believe we don’t have one single book in our house that contains a peacock so Georgia was pretty excited to learn about a new animal and getting to make one.  We researched them further by looking at some pictures together on the iPad and found some videos on YouTube. She was in hysterics everytime they fan out their feathers and thought it was a pretty cool trick that they could do.

Paper plate peacock

I left this craft for Georgia to do herself and she carefully chose where to place each feather and sequin and took care with the eyes and beak. She named her finished bird “pea head” and has been flying him round the garden all the afternoon.

Paper plate peacock


She’s now asked if we can go and see them so I’m still trying to track down somewhere in West Yorkshire that has them. Peacocks are such magnificent creatures I would really love for her to see them in the wild, it’s a shame that not many places have them.

peacock craft

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