We love playdough here at Clare’s Little Tots and I’m always talking about the benefits of letting children play with playdough. At the moment Georgia is obsessed with Tinkerbell after she watched the new film so she requested some Tinkerbell playdough. She’s promised to not wash this one as she did with her My Little Pony playdough which sadly had to be put in the bin after she gave it a bath!

Rather than make our usual basic playdough recipe I decided to change it up. Inspired by this post ‘15 Ways to Play with Cornstartch‘ over on Fun at Home with Kids I decided to give cornflour and conditioner a go. We’ve previously tried cornflour and baby oil to make snow dough and cornflour and water to make gloop and the result of adding hair conditioner was a super soft playdough that felt completely different to normal playodugh and was easy enough for Georgia to join in and make with me.

You will need:

  • 2 cups of cornflour
  • 1 cup of hair conditioner (I used a cheap coconut one from a pound shop)
  • Green food colouring (optional)
  • Gold glitter (optional)

super soft playdough
To make it Tinkerbell themed I added some small fairy figures and green and yellow loose parts (buttons, foam flowers and pipe cleaners).


  • Mix together all the ingredients well in a bowl
  • Turn out onto a surface and knead until it comes together

super soft playdough
Amounts may vary depending on brands but if its to dry and crumbly add a bit more conditioner at a time and knead in. Alternatively if its to sticky keep adding cornflour until you get your desired consistency.

This playdough is a lot softer than our usual playdough and it was great fun to just explore the silky smooth texture of it. It didn’t mould as well as normal playdough as it kept sinking so its better for using to make flat models rather than 3D ones but Georgia didn’t seem to mind.

super soft playdough

The first thing Georgia always does when playing with a new playodugh set up is stick all the loose parts into the playdough. When she’s finished she then usually starts to rearrange to create her own mini small worlds and starts a building stories around the playdough.

super soft playdough

As she had only watched the new Tinkerbell film the day before she started to reenact some of the scenes before making up her own. The longer she played with it the more crumblier it seem to become so we added a generous blob more of conditioner and worked it into the playdough to make it super soft again.

super soft playdough

When we were finished we bagged the playdough up in a ziplock bag and we’ve returned to it a week later and its still just as soft and delicious smelling. This is a playdough recipe we will definitely try again and try out different smelling conditioners.

To see all our playodugh set ups check out our playdough archives or visit our Playdough board on Pintrest.

tinkerbell playdough

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