After planting our sunflower seeds this afternoon we followed it up with this simple sunflower suncatcher using sticky back plastic (contact paper). We’ve never been successful with our sunflowers so really hoping this year we won’t be disappointed again! This easy craft is great for older babies that can pick small things up as well as toddlers.



You will need:

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We have used sticky back plastic a few times to make different crafts so Georgia was keen to help set this activity up and knew straight away what she needed to do.

How to make a Sunflower Suncatcher

1. Cut out a large rectangle out of the sticky back plastic and peel off the back.

2. Attach to a window or wall sticky side facing you using sticky tape. Make sure it’s at an accessible height for little hands.

sunflower suncatcher

3. Use a thick black marker to draw an outline of a sunflower (or any flower you fancy).

4. Tear up the tissue paper (Georgia loves helping with this) into small pieces.

sunflower suncatcher

5. Let your little ones stick the tissue paper to the paper.We had already looked at pictures of sunflowers so Georgia knew which colours needed to go where and she kept going until she had used up every piece of tissue paper.

Picking up the small peices of tissue paper is great way of working those fine motor skills that are needed to help learn to write and the bending up and down to pick them up off  the floor was also a great gross motor workout too.

sunflower suncatcher

The finished result looks lovely when the sun decided to finally shine through our patio windows and we’ve kept it up for a week so far as Georgia still loves to just touch the sticky paper over and over again.

More spring fun ideas

Ways to further extend this activity could be:

  • Crate sun catchers using different flower outlines and use different colours.
  • Make a small flower sun catcher that could be used for a card or be framed.
  • Plant your own sunflowers and watch them grow.
  • Try some different flower crafts such as our daffodil, blossom tree or craft stick flowers.
  • Visit our Spring Pintrest board for more Spring themed crafts and activities.
  • Or check out this Sunflower Lifecycle download on Twinkl.

sunflower suncatcher

sunflower suncatcher

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