With the new baby due any day now I decided to whip up a new batch of playdough for Georgia to keep her entertained over this next week or two. She’s currently into My Little Pony and has been asking for awhile for some ‘pony playdough’ so I used this as the inspiration and created some My Little Pony inspired Playdough for her to play with (this post contains affiliate links for you convenience). 

With her favourite pony being Twilight Sparkle I used our basic playdough recipe and added LOTS of purple glitter and a generous squirt of purple paint to the hot water to create this lovely deep purple sparkly My Little Pony inspired playdough.

I find adding paint to colour playdough does create a richer colour but never seems to last as long compared to using food colouring and always seems to dry out a bit quicker. I use these paints found on Amazon so not sure if it’s this type of paint that causes it to dry quicker…I feel some experimenting coming on!

My Little Pony Playdough

I added the following loose parts to the playdough to create her Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Invitation to Play:

Georgia started off by adding every loose part she could the playdough (how she always seems to start her play) and called it her magic pony world for Twilight Sparkle. Then she got more creative and turn the playdough into a library, a cafe and a magical kingdom.

My Little Pony Playdough

I absolutely love watching kids at play with loose parts as it really inspires their imagination and I could watch and listen to the stories they come out with forever, it completely facinates me.

After 20 minutes play Georgia asked if she could go and watch My Little Pony, one episode late she came back and sat for over a full hour mixing part of the story she had seen on the TV with her own imagination.

My little pony playdough

Hopefully this will continue to entertain her over the next few weeks so I can put my feet up!

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my little pony playdough

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