Once a year our blossom tree comes out and it’s just gorgeous. We decided to have a go and making our own this afternoon and came up with this Tissue Paper Blossom Tree Craft.

This was a lovely simple activity that Georgia was able to help set up as well as create pretty much by herself.




You will need:

  • Twigs
  • Tissue paper (we used pink and white)
  • PVA glue

First we discussed how we might make our own blossom trees and Georgia decided we needed to collect sticks from the garden. Then after making tissue paper Easter chicks last week she asked for the tissue paper and finally we poured out some glue to stick the tissue paper on.

blossom tree craft

We ripped up the tissue paper into strips and then squares, scunched it up and stuck to the stick with glue. It was that simple. Older children could practice scissor skills by cutting out blossom petal shapes and arranging them on twigs but Georgia was more than happy with scrunching and gluing.

blossom tree craft

She continued until she was happy and then arranged in a glass jar which is now on my kitchen windowsill to remind us of our tree which pretty much nearly all blew away with the strong winds yesterday.

For lots more beautiful blossom crafts check out Red Ted’s roundup for her #getyourcraftonchallenge – Easy Blossom Craft Ideas for Spring.

We’ve also made some other flower crafts such as they button bookmarks, a White Rose of York and a Sunflower Suncatcher.

tissue paper blossom tree fun spring craft for toddlers and preschoolers

blossom tree craft


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