This is definitely one of those activities that seemed a good idea at the time but once I started to attempt to carve a shamrock shape out of a potato regret sunk in.

This simple St Patrick’s Day shamrock potato painting using potato printing was really effective but I think next year we might go back to making Shamrock Sun Catchers which were far easier.

st patricks day shamrock painting

When we’ve previously done potato printing I’ve used metal cookie cutters to help cut the shape out of the potato but not having a shamrock shaped one I thought I’d just cut it out free hand….which proved to be so much more difficult than I ever patricks day shamrock potato printing

My first attempt pretty much resembled uncooked mash potato so the second time round I used an old marker pen first to draw out the shamrock and then carve out the shape which worked much better.

 You will need:

  • Potato
  • Sharp knife
  • Marker pen
  • Green paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper

Once I had managed it I set out the paint on a paper plate and mixed in some glitter and left the Little Tots to get stamping.


I had to cut out a handle on the potato though as it was slightly to big for little hands to get a good hold on and started slipping everywhere.

st patricks shamrock painting

Of course it didn’t take long until they had filled several sheets of A4 paper so we quickly moved onto a large roll of paper instead and covered the table in it. As well as to make sure the potatoes were painted once that paper had run out!


I think next time though I’ll definitely be sticking to the easier method of using cookie cutters to create shapes for potato printing such as shapes like we did with or Potato Printing Shapes activity.

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st patricks shamrock painting

st patricks shamrock painting

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