Now the shops are rammed full of Easter eggs and we’re seeing them everywhere we go I decided to start some of our Easter themed arts and crafts. We started with this simple Q-tip Easter egg decorating that we first did last year so it was lovely to see how their skills have improved.


This is a really simple idea that even babies can join in with using their fingers  if they can’t yet grasp the cotton buds (just make sure you use an edible paint).

Once set up it doesn’t require any assistance from an adult so the work is entirely their own.

You will need:

  • White card
  • Scissors
  • Cotton buds (q-tips)
  • Paint

I cut the card into egg shapes, set out the paint and cotton buds and left this invitation to decorate Easter eggs ready for when the Little Tots had finished making their mud pies in the garden.

easter egg decorating

They needed no instructions and got stuck straight in to using the cotton buds dipped in paint to create dots and patterns on their eggs.

Even I had a go as it looked like such fun. This was a great activity for talking about colours, patterns, shapes and symmetry as well as practicing those fine motor skills picking up the cotton buds.

easter egg decorating

The first few they did were beautiful…..but it wasn’t long until it descended into a big brown gloopy mess, naturally.

easter egg decorating

These are currently on our art work display board but they would also be great to make into bunting or stick onto coloured card to make some homemade Easter cards.

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To further extend this activity you could:

Links to EYFS:

  • Physical development: enjoying sensory experiences, picking up small objects, mark making.
  • Understanding the World: Talking about events and special occasions celebrated with our family (Easter).
  • Maths: counting, talking about shapes, patterns, symmetry and size.
  • Expressive arts and design: exploring wide range of media and sensory exploration, describing textures, mixing colours.

q-tip easter egg decorating


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