I’m pretty sure that every time we make suncatchers the sky clouds over and it goes very dark and grey outside! Anyway, this morning the Little Tots made these lovely Valentine’s Day suncatchers and now we’re just waiting for the sun to actually catch them. This is a really simple and easy craft that they could do by themselves once I had set it up for them.


You will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Sticky back plastic (contact paper)
  • Gitter
  • Tissue paper
  • Heart confetti (optional)
  • Stampers (optional)

How to make suncatchers

1. Firstly I drew a heart free hand on the back of the plate or you could use a template then poked a hole in the middle and cut it out. The Little Tots I have here today are all 3 years and under so weren’t able to do this themselves yet. IMG_3134

2. Then I cut out a slightly larger heart out of the sticky back plastic (contact paper), peeled off the back and attached it the plate

3. The rest was up to the Little Tots – they covered the sticky side in the tissue paper and confetti and filled in any gaps with glitter. They then decorated the outside of the plate with our heart and flower stampersIMG_3138

The Little Tots enjoyed trying to cover every last bit of stickiness with the materials and then added some heart and flower shaped stampers around the edge. I held them up to the light so they could see them sparkle as they really don’t have the same effect when on the window with it being such a grey day.


Despite the lack of the sun the Little Tots are still really pleased with how they turned out.



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Areas of Learning

  • Physical development: picking up small objects.
  • Understanding the World: Talking about family and friends and who we love, talking about the sun and creating light.
  • Communication & Language: following simple instructions.
  • Maths: counting and talking about shapes.
  • Expressive arts and design: exploring wide range of media and sensory exploration, describing textures.


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