With the real snow we had last week now melted we had a go at making our own fake snow using a basic cloud dough recipe. If you haven’t tried cloud dough then go and do it now! This is a wonderful sensory experience and makes a change from playdough which we have used before to make a snow dough and the best thing is it requires only two ingredients.

snow dough cloud dough winter



  • 4 cups of plain flour
  • 1/2 cup of baby oil
  • Silver glitter (optional)

(The amount may vary depending on the brand you use)

How to make snow dough:

1. Mix all the ingredients together well. I let the Little Tots do this and then finished off at the end to make sure all the ingredients were combined.

2. Turn out on to a play tray and add any loose parts you want.

snow dough cloud dough winter

Out of all the sensory activities and sensory bins I have put together this one has been far the most popular with nearly 2 hours of play first time round for a 2 and 4 year old. Another 2 year old joined in on and off throughout the morning as well. We’ve had this back out many times since and they haven’t tired of it yet.

snow dough

Once you have the right consistency you should be able to mould it into shapes yet it crumbles when you squeeze it. I added some polar bears, penguins, silver bottle lids and blue gem stones the first time round…..and of course the Little Tots found the Frozen toys and added those as well as cotton wool balls, cars, craft sticks and pipe cleaners over the course of this week.

snow dough

This snow dough has lasted really well and I’ve just been covering it over each night with cling film and it hasn’t dried out yet.

snow dough


Next Steps:

To further extend this activity you could try some of the below:

  • Do this on a larger scale in a tuff tray
  • Try some polar animal crafts such as penguins or polar bears
  • Try a different type of fake snow such as our Winter Wonderland Small World play
  • Watch some videos or arctic animals
  • Read some books about arctic animals. Our favourites are The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud and Say Hello to the snowy animals.
  • Or check out our Winter Pintrest Board

Snow Dough sensory bin, winter themed cloud dough for a fun sensory tub for children. Preschoolers and toddlers will love this sensory bin small world play


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