In preparation for RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch this weekend we spent this morning making some homemade bird feeders to try and encourage the birds to come to our garden. If you haven’t already signed up its not to late and registration is free, click here for more details.

We made two different types of bird feeders which has been great fun to see which is the most popular and both are made using things around the home plus a big bag of bird seed which we purchased from the £1 shop.

homemade bird feeders


Cheerios bird feeders

This was a great activity to practice working those little fine motor skills as the Little Tots concentrated hard whilst threading cheerios (we used Aldi’s own) onto pipe cleaners. We left enough room at the top to make a loop so they could hang it on the tree. My first idea was we would make circles out of them and loop them all together but they were all very keen to do their own ones. They also managed to do the whole activity without eating any which I was surprised about.

homemade bird feeders

homemade bird feeders



Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

For this one we took inspiration from the RSPB website to make this feeder out of a recycled bottle. To start I made 4 holes in a plastic bottle and pushed through the wooden spoons. Next the Little Tots helped me fill with bird seed by creating a funnel and then pouring it in.

This took a lot of team effort but they figured it out in the end. We then put the lid back on and tied up with some old ribbon (couldn’t find any string). You need to make sure the holes where the round bit of the spoon come out are slightly larger so the seeds can come out easily.

homemade bird feeders

The Little Tots have really enjoyed patiently waiting for the birds to come and eat their treats but I had to convince them to come back indoors as the birds would be far too scared to come into a garden with 4 noisy toddlers. We’ve only seen 2 so far but lets hope we get some more by the weekend.

More recently we have also made these easy Paper Tube Bird Feeders that a little robin in our garden has loved this winter.

More bird fun:

Ways to further extend this activity could be

  • Create some paper plate or paper roll birds
  • Print out these photos from Twinkl so we can identify which type of birds there are
  • Try some different bird feeder techniques by using peanut butter or lard to mix the seed together
  • Make a bird seed sensory bin to explore
  • Create our own pretend birds nests using shredded paper or twigs from the garden


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