This morning I had a request to paint Christmas trees from the Little Tots after they really enjoyed playing with our Christmas tree playdough. I have seen lots of ideas on Pinterest that involve cutting round multiple handprints  but this seemed like a LOT of work (for me). So instead we opted for a really simple handprint Christmas tree which was much more fun (and messy).

Handprint christmas tree

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You will need:

  • Green paint
  • Brown paint
  • White card
  • Bright coloured paint for the decorations
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Wipes or soapy water close to hand for the clean up after

The two Little Tots with me this morning always prefer to paint with anything other than a paintbrush, especially their hands so this was perfect for them. I set out the paint, paper and glitter and they got to work making Christmas trees with their hands.

Handprint christmas tree

Below is their first attempt which they really enjoyed doing (aged 2 1/2 and 4 years old).

Handprint christmas tree

Once finished they immediately wanted to make more so this time we talked about how we could make them more in the shape of a Christmas tree. They decided the shape of the Christmas tree was a triangle so they talked about how they needed more hand prints at the bottom and less and the top.

In the end they worked out that they needed to do 3 hand splats along the bottom, then 2 above that, then 1 at the top (love a bit a maths thrown into a craft activity). They then decided that to make the baubles they needed to do single small finger prints rather than just smush the paint all over the paper.

Handprint christmas tree

The results were great and they were very proud of their creations (both versions) and continued doing lots more hand painting until all the paint had run out.  I always let the Little Tots create how they want and just provide the materials but by directing a few questions at them such as “what shape is a Christmas tree?” they used their problem solving and creative thinking skills to change their approach to the task which was wonderful to see.

Handprint christmas tree

As well as the using hands we used a paint brush and brown paint for the trunk of the tree and added glitter over the top (because you can’t have enough glitter at Christmas). We haven’t decided what we will do with these yet. Either mount them on some card as a picture to give to parents or make Christmas cards out of them.

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