Last week the Little Tots enjoyed playing with our Christmas Tree playdough and decorating playdough Christmas trees over and over again. This festive themed invitation to play has been out all week and I’m sure it will continue into next week.

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You will need:

I added Wilton green food colouring to our basic playdough recipe as it gives the strongest colour and of course lots of green glitter was thrown in as well (because it’s not Christmas without the glitter).


This Christmas invitation to play was one of our advent calendar activities so the Little Tots immediately set to work once they found out that the activity was “decorating playdough Christmas trees“.

They covered the cones with as much playdough as they could fit on and I eventually had to change to an even stronger cardboard as the first ones couldn’t support the weight of the playdough.


They then decorated their trees over and over again, creating different designs and patterns each time and having fun rearranging the decorations.

After they had decorated their tree they squealed in delight “look at my tree”. They were so proud of their work and made me take a photo each time they had finished. They then picked all the bits off and started again.


Jack had a lot of fun pushing the parts into the playdough and it beginning to become fascinated the marks it leaves.


It wasn’t long before the dinosaurs and Happy Land people invaded the play to open their presents left by Santa.


More Christmas Tree fun:

To further extend this activity some of the things we might do include:


Areas of Learning:

  • Communication & Language: learning new words for christmas decorations
  • Physical Development – fine motor skills
  • Literacy – early mark making in the playdough
  • Personal, social and emotional development –  Playing alongside others.
  • Understanding the world – talking about special family occasions.
  • Expressive arts and design – sensory exploration, noticing effects of mark making, describing tests, using tools for a purpose, constructs with a purpose in mind, pretend one object represents another and paying make-believe.
  • Maths – counting objects, comparing sizes, talking about shapes they leave in the playdough.


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