After the Little Tots played with our Frozen themed playdough all day I knew making an Olaf Playdough Gift out of it would be a big hit and a great way for Georgia to be involved in making Christmas gifts for her friends. Now she is a bit older I’ve decided that this year we will make as many of our Christmas gifts, cards and wrapping as we can for friends and family.

olaf playdough



I used the same recipe from my Frozen themed playdough to whip up another batch of quick no cook playdough, this time with the help of Georgia who loves making playdough. We added lots and lots of silver glitter and a few drops of peppermint essence to give it a lovely minty smell. We also experimented using cornflour instead of plain flour which produced a much whiter playdough but it was too soft to mould and left a residue everywhere.

Olaf playdough gift

I found some tupperware boxes with 2 compartments reduced to £1.50 a few weeks ago which were perfect for this gift, you can also find similar ones here (affiliate link). We placed playdough on one side and some parts to help build Olaf (twigs, buttons, googly eyes) and Frozen character print outs on the other. We then used a free printable from Happy Money Saver which you download here to make the label and attached it with contact paper.

Olaf printable


Georgia now can’t wait to give these to her friends but keeps listing more and more children she wants to make them for so we need to have a playdough making afternoon.

olaf playdough

Have you made any Frozen inspired gifts this Christmas? We would love to see them.


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