The Little Tots have been talking about bonfire night this week which is celebrated on the 5th November now they are old enough to understand more about it (aged 2 – 4 years). We already had fun trying out different methods of painting firework pictures so this morning we tried out this extra messy bonfire craft.

bonfire craft

They decided not to use glue sticks or paint brushes for this as getting messy was much more fun.

You will need:

  • Black card
  • Cotton buds
  • Brown, red, orange and yellow paint
  • Glue
  • Paintbrushes and glue spreaders optional

How to make bonfire picture

1. Firstly we dipped the cotton buds in the brown paint and made sure they were covered. We then set them aside to dry.

bonfire night craft

2. On the black card I squirted the red, orange and yellow paint about a quarter of the way up the paper and asked them to use their hands to move it around the paper to make a pretend fire

bonfire night craft

3. Once they were satisfied with their fire they added glue (with their hands)  to the bottom of the paper and stuck on the cotton buds. They hadn’t dried properly by this point which only added to the mess and their joy.

This made a lot of mess but that can only mean one thing for a toddler – fun! Using all the extra paint on their hands they made some marks and fires on a few more pieces of paper until all the paint was gone.

This picture is definitely going to need overnight to dry as it got pretty soggy from the amount of paint and glue on it but they can’t wait to display them next to our firework pictures.

 More bonfire and firework fun:

Here are some things we may do to further extend this activity:

  • Whip up some Firework playdough – black playdough with glitter and sparkly loose parts such as pom poms and pipe cleaners.
  • Bake these yummy firework cookie pops.
  • Try a simple science experiment like these fireworks in a jar by I Can Teach My Child.
  • Paint some firework pictures
  • Get outside and move about and dance like a firework, making noises and trying to represent different types of firework.
  • For older children discuss the reasons we have bonfires and fireworks on the 5th of November using some of these activities from Activity Village.
  • Talk about safety on bonfire night and at firework displays


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