With today being Halloween I thought I’d share halloween playdough we created for a spooky invitation to play a few weeks ago. The Little Tots have been playing with the our autumn scented playdough nearly daily so it was time to make a fresh batch for the occasion.

halloween playdough

We used our easy no cook playdough recipe and used paint again to colour the dough as I’ve found you don’t need much and it colours a lot better than food colouring.

We made orange, black and green with the Little Tots helping to make it which they love doing and once it was cooled I added spiders, coloured pom poms, straws and pumpkins.

Halloween playdough

We’ve had this out for 2 weeks now and it’s probably been one of the most popular ones they’ve played with.

Halloween playdough

There’s been lots of spooky creations but mostly monsters, I think because even the youngest Little Tots can make a monster and it doesn’t matter what it looks like. We’ve also had a beach, a pizza, aliens and a farm!

Areas of learning

  • Communication & Language: Focussed attention, sitting still, building vocabulary, describing their experience.
  • Physical Development – Enjoys sensory experiences, uses simple tools, picking up small objects
  • Personal, social and emotional development –  playing alongside others, playing cooperatively with an adult.
  • Expressive arts and design – sensory exploration, noticing effects of making marks, describing texture of things, using tools for a purpose, manipulating materials to achieve a planned effect, constructing with a  purpose in mind, using a variety of resources, pretends that one object represents another.
  • Maths – counting objects, comparing sizes, talking about shapes they leave in the playdough.halloween playdough

More Halloween Fun:

  • Create some monsters using splat painting / googly eyes / scraps of material etc.
  • Make a Giant Spider Web
  • Have fun with a Halloween Sensory Bin
  • Reading some spooky stories
  • Dressing up in our favourite fancy dress costumes.
  • or for lots more inspiration check out our Halloween Pinterest board
Halloween playdough for a spooky invitation to play with kids.
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