The Little Tots were very impressed with a huge spider web they found in the garden this morning so I had a go at creating a giant spider web for them to play with. It also tied in nicely with our current Halloween theme (this post contains affiliate links). 

Using some string, a tuff tray and some plastic spiders I was able to set up this quick invitation to play in about 5 minutes and it lasted all day…and I’m sure they will come back to it again tomorrow.


You will need:


1. To start I used 4 pieces of string about 2 and half times the length of the tuff tray, placed them over the top and tied underneath.


2. Starting from the middle I created a polygon shape around the strings already in place by weaving around and cutting and tying off after each one. It was a little loose and could’ve done with being a lot tighter but the Little Tots were so desperate to play that I had to leave it as it was.


3. Next I added some different sized and coloured toy spiders and let them play.


There was a lot of imaginative play going on involving rescuing the spiders from the web, chasing off the evil yellow spiders and going to spider school.

There was also lots of opportunity for counting the number of spiders, practicing fine motor skills trying to remove them without touching the web, and comparing sizes. This was definitely a big hit and played with for over an hour once it was finished. They then came back to it throughout the day and have added and taken away other toys and resources as they’ve changed the way they play with it.


The ages here today were 22 months, 23 months, 2 1/2 years and 3 years old and I’m sure some of the older children I have tomorrow will also love this activity so it will be staying out in the playroom today.

Extension Ideas:

  • Find some more spider webs out in the garden or on a walk
  • Try and draw our own spiders webs on the blackboard
  • Create some handprint spiders
  • Try a tape resist spiders web

giant spider web

giant spider web tuff spot


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