Here’s a round up of the super simple autumn craft and activity ideas for toddlers and preschoolers that we have enjoyed over the past few weeks. I always aim to keep things very simple and easy for younger children due to the ages of the children I currently care for. Apart from going on a nature walk to collect leaves and conkers etc most of these activities can be done using things you probably already have around the house.

1. Conker Marbling

Full details of our conker marbling found here.

2. Autumn Scented Playdough

Click here for full details of how to make our Autumn scented playdough for a lovely seasonal Invitation to Play.

3. Apple Trees

This simple craft was made by painting paper tubes brown and then finger painting red and green apples on to a tree cut out and securing to the paper tube.


4. Autumn Print Tree

A large piece of paper, autumn coloured paints and little hands is all thats needed for this great autumn hand print tree.


5. Leaf Print Painting

Good old fashioned painting onto leaves and then pressing them down on a piece of paper. Some lovely patterns emerged doing this and it was a great opportunity to talk about the changing seasons when we went on a nature walk to collect them.

6. Autumn Sensory Bin

This is the first sensory bin the Little Tots have put together themselves and the quickest. Using everything we collected on a nature walk we added it to a tray with some dried green split peas and let them explore the texture, colours and smells. This also made a great home for our Conker Caterpillars.

7. Tissue Paper Trees

The Little Tots had great fun ripping up pieces of tissue paper then trying to screw them back up into little balls and dipping them in glue before sticking them onto a tree trunk and branches that I had already painted for them.

8. Hedgehog Bread

We did cheat a little bit here and use a packet of wholemeal bread mix but the Little Tots still enjoyed measuring out the water, mixing and kneading the dough and then shaping into hedgehogs. We used raisins for the eyes and then I used scissors and snipped the top of the dough to make the spikes.

9. Leaf Rubbings

This idea did require quite a bit of help from myself to get the Little Tots to rub hard enough with a crayon and try and keep the tracing paper still but they were very impressed that once they lifted it away they could see the patterns the leaf had made.

10. Conker Caterpillars

Visit the link here to find out how we made these simple Conker Caterpillars that have been a big hit with all the Little Tots.

11. Hedgehog Fork Painting

I had originally planned for this to a leaf hedgehog craft but due to the rain we weren’t able to collect any dry leaves from the garden. So instead the Little Tots used a fork only to create this spiky hedgehogs.


12. Autumn Suncatchers

These autumn leaf suncatchers were beautiful….when the sun came out. Visit the blog to find out how we made them.


13. Counting with Conkers

This simple maths play was a big hit and a great way to use are ever increasing haul of conkers. As well as counting and number recognition there was also lots of lining up in size order, simple maths problems and practicing fine motor skills.

14. Chocolate Conkers

If your little ones love collecting conkers why not make some yummy edible chocolate conkers?


Have you been doing any seasonal arts and crafts with your little ones? I would love to see your ideas. For more ideas why not visit our Autumn Pinterest Board for lots of inspiration.


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