When I was asked by Mumsnet to review some books with the words “dinosaur” and “pooped” in the title I knew instantly these books would be right up my Little Tot’s street. We spent all of May doing dinosaur based activities and it is still something they request to do now. I hadn’t heard of the series before and was surprised to find out Dougie and Tom of McFly fame had written them but they didn’t disappoint.


I haven’t minded a child yet that doesn’t a) love dinosaurs and b) love toilet humour so they have definitely hit the spot with The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past and The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet which follow on from the first book in the series – The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas.


The books follow the adventures of Danny and his pet dinosaur in space or the past and result in the dinosaur having to poop to save them. I first read these books with Georgia and she was in fits of giggles. I then read them with the other children I care for and they have all really enjoyed them. The book’s rhyming means they have a lovely flow and makes it easier for children to guess the sentence endings. Especially when they get to the bit where they can shout “POO!”.


The beautiful illustrations bring the books to life and never fail to amuse, especially all the poop! In ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet” Danny and his pet dinosaur end up stranded in space after the dinosaur has eaten everything. The Little Tots enjoyed watching as his belly grew bigger and bigger and couldn’t believe what he did next to get them back home again. The Little Tots were especially amused by grans cooking in “The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past” and love looking at all the yucky green things she has cooked for Danny and his dinosaur before they go off on their adventure.


The Little Tots also had fun using the colouring sheets and activity packs which are downloadable from the Random House website and are a great way to extend the books and explore them further with children.


These books appeal to both children of all ages and adults and we will definitely be adding the first book to the Christmas list and they would make a lovely gift. Both myself and the Little Tots can’t wait to see what festive adventures Danny and his dinosaur get up to.


Disclaimer: I was sent these books by the Mumsnet team in return for an honest review.

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