These past few weeks Georgia keeps finding clothes pegs in the garden and pegging them onto books so I put together this dinosaur number and counting activity which would make a great Dinosaur Busy Bag. We’ve been doing lots of dinosaur activities this month so this really appealed to the Little Tots and they enjoyed helping to make it.

dinosaur busy bag

You will need:

  • Strong card, we used an old cardboard box
  • Green paint
  • 10 wooden clothes pegs
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Zip lock bag


I cut out some simple dinosaur shapes from some old packaging and let the Little Tots paint them green. Whilst they were drying they helped me count out 2 lots of 10 wooden pegs (we made two of these) and then I numbered them 1 – 10 using a sharpie. Once the dinosaurs were dry I clipped the first peg onto the dinosaurs back and asked them to complete it themselves to make a number number stegosaurs.

dinosaur busy bag

This is a great activity to promote number recognition, counting to 10 and number sequencing as well as building fine motor skills. Activities that build fine motor skills work on getting all those little muscles in their hands working and development of these skills help children to write, draw and do up buttons etc.

imageThe younger Tots although not able to recognise numbers yet still enjoyed trying to use the peg themselves after watching the older ones play with this activity.

After they had all finished I popped them in a zip lock bag to keep for those moments when they need entertaining at short notice.

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