We’ve been busy with lots of beach themed activities and crafts recently after many of the Little Tots visited the beach over the bank holiday weekend (and for three of them it was their first time!). So I set up this simple sensory bin today as they have been asking for some sand but I’ve still got one Little Tot who would be likely to eat real sand.  This two ingredient edible play sand is really just a version of cloud dough but using wholewheat flour instead of plain flour.

edible play sand
This play sand is really just a version of cloud dough but instead of plain flour I used a bag of wholewheat flour that was due to go out of date in a few months. Although I wouldn’t recommend actually eating it this is a great recipe to create some very realistic but perfectly safe “sand” that won’t cause harm if some does accidentally get ingested by little ones (but I always encourage them not to eat it!).

You Will Need:

  • 5 cups of wholewheat flour
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil

This was enough to fill our sensory bin which is actually a cat litter tray (new of course!)

edible play sand

How to make Edible Play Sand:

This is so easy why not get little hands involved?

1. Mix together the ingredients in a bowl until all the oil is dispersed evenly, adjust the quantities if needed.

2. Add to a tray that is deep enough to contain the mess but shallow enough little hands can access it and add some loose parts. I chose some shells, pebbles and small sea turtles and placed the tray outside.

edible play sand

When mixed together if feels lovely and damp with out being sticky. The wholewheat flour makes it look like real sand as well and the younger Little Tots were convinced that it actually was.

edible play sand

Once they had finished exploring the texture and running it through their hands they then discovered they could mould it and used the shells to make sand shells and sand castles. They then also added some scoops and pretend ice cream cones to the bin from our playdough tools and used they to make ice creams, cakes and homes for the animals.

edible play sand

This has lasted for 4 days so far without showing any signs of drying out and we’ve played with it inside and out. To help it last though I would recommend covering this.

edible play sand


This has been such a big hit and very cheap to make so definitely something we will be doing again.



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