At the weekend I put together a nature discovery basket with things I had collected with Georgia whilst out on a walk.

The Little Tots have enjoyed discovering it this week, exploring the textures and adding the items to their play but today I decided to add it to a nature painting for toddlers set up.

I set up the basket of treasures with a few paints, brushes and paper and left them to it. My Little Tots nearly always do hand print painting as soon as paint comes out so it was lovely to see them take a different direction with this invitation to paint.

They immediately went to paint the pine cones and leaves and then discovered the patterns they made when used to print on to the paper.

This activity allowed for lots of great talk about colours, textures and nature. They carried on painting until we had run out of paper and asked if we could do this again another day so I think it was a hit!

I definitely have plans to start adding some loose parts into our painting to help inspire and build their little imaginations and develop their creative side.

The results from this nature painting are beautiful and are currently drying out ready to hang up on our display board.

This would make a lovely spring or autumn activity after going on a nature walk to collect items to paint onto or paint with.

We have also enjoyed painting with mud and painting onto rocks to create a Rock Monster Family. For all our painting ideas click here.

nature painting for toddlers

nature painting for toddlers

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