The Little Tots have been playing with our mud and bug playdough non stop these last few weeks so with Easter just around the corner it was a great excuse to make a fresh batch of playodugh and change it up a bit.

I opted for a bright yellow lemon scented Easter playdough with Easter themed loose parts to create this little invitation to play ready for when they woke up from their afternoon naps.

lemon playdough

Using our easy no cook playdough recipe I added the following to make this lemon playdough:

  • Few drops of fresh lemon juice
  • Grated lemon rind
  • Yellow food colouring

I added a tray of loose parts which consisted of small fluffy easter chicks and rabbits, some coloured little eggs, yellow and green straws and buttons.

As always they were excited to see a new set up when the woke up and it smelled absolutely amazing.

lemon playdough


All the Little Tots have been playing with this for over a week now, each time making different creations. I’ve been storing the playdough in a zip-lock bag and it still smells delicious.

lemon playdough

Playdough really is one of my favourite sensory mediums and I’ve written about the benefits of playdough and this guest post on why your kids should be playing with playdough so it’s definitely not something to shy away from.

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lemon scented easter playdough

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