With the Little Tots seeing daffodils everywhere we go at the moment I have been getting lots of requests to make or paint some. So today we did both.

To start off with we made this cute spring daffodil craft made using a stash of little sauce pots someone gave me a few months ago. We also painted some using hands and feet which I’ve saved for another post.


These would make a fab St David’s Day craft which is on the first day of March each year as well as a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

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I think our pots came from somewhere like McDonalds but I’ve also placed an Amazon link below (although I don’t know what you’d do with 250 of them!).  When you carefully open up the pots they create a lovely flower shape that was prefect for making this spring daffodil craft.

You will need:


This was a lovely easy activity the Little Tots could do with very little assistance from me. They already knew what daffodils look like as we have some in the garden.

They painted the opened out cups yellow and left some un-opened as painted them orange. Next they painted the crafted sticks green and waited patiently for them to dry.


Once dry we glued them together to make these cute daffodils which look beautiful in an old glass jar. Not content with just making these they moved onto feet painting. Why does it always end in painting body parts?

daffodil craft

I also saved an old jam jar to put some in and these would make a lovely gift for a loved one.


We’ve got lots of other fun flower crafts such as this Flower Garden, Sunflower Suncatcher and this cute Blossom Tree. Or if more spring fun why not check out our Spring Sensory Bin that the Little Tots had a great time exploring.
daffodil craft idea for toddlers and preschoolersspring daffodil craft

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