This mornings Invitation to Play was this simple water and chalk art idea that lasted a lot longer that I though it would. I had originally planned for this idea to be used for practicing letter writing but they had far more fun just trying to paint over every last bit of chalk again.

water and chalk art

Before the Little Tots arrived this morning I covered our entire blackboard in chalk and set out some paint brushes and water. The 4 year old immediately set about turning the board back to black again by painting over every last bit of chalk. Georgia (23m) painted some marks before joining in with the 4 year old.

Water and chalk art

Once they had finished we dried off the board with some kitchen roll and covered it again in chalk. We did this activity together over and over again for nearly an hour with them never seeming to tire of it.

Water and chalk art

Water painting over chalk

This simple play idea is great for babies and toddlers to practice fine motor skills (holding onto a paint brush), mark making and sensory play (chalk and water makes quite a mess) as well as older children who could practice letters, name writing or drawing a picture.

Water and chalk art

It did make more mess than I had anticipated (thank god for laminate flooring) which was mostly a result of water and soggy kitchen roll all over the floor so be sure to  cover up carpets before doing this (or even better take it outside!).


Activity Extension Ideas:

To further extend this activity you could:

  • Mark make using water outside on the patio / wall / shed or any large surface
  • Try painting on different textures such as tin foil.
  • Mark make with different objects such as cars or dinosaurs.
  • Check out our Painting Ideas Pintrest board for lots more inspiration.


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