The Little Tots have been very busy these past few weeks making these paper plate minibeasts to fill up our display board. These have been made with things from my art supplies and don’t require anything special or expensive…just paper plates, paint and glue and if you’re feeling fancy googly eyes and glitter!

paper plate minibeasts

The Little Tots have enjoyed deciding which minibeast they wanted to create and how we might go about making them. All of these have been easy enough that apart from helping with scissors most of the work has been done entirely by them.


Paper plate ladybird

Firstly we made these cute paper plate ladybirds. We started by painting the whole plate red and whilst it was drying I cut out the head shape from black paper and a strip to go down the middle. The Little Tots glued them on, added googly eyes and then painted on some spots using our circle sponge stamper.

paper plate ladybird

 Paper plate snail

This paper plate snail was made by our youngest Tot (17 months), she loved covering the plate in paint and sprinkling glitter on top (because of course they have glittery shells!). I helped by adding the spiral, eyes and mouth but older children can do these parts by themselves.


paper plate snail

 Paper plate Hungry Caterpillar

The hungry caterpillar made from paper plates was a joint effort between 3 Little Tots plus some of the older children I care for after school. We are very proud of the result and the older children loved being able to help the younger ones complete it by cutting out eyes, mouth and feet for them to stick on.

paper plate caterpillar

 Paper plate frog

This paper plate frog is by far my favourite one that they made. I covered a plate with buble wrap and let them cover in green paint. They needed to add a lot of paint as the bubble wrap seemed to absorb it. Once dry I helped them to add some pre-cut shapes for legs and eyes.

paper plate frog

Paper plate spider

This spooky looking paper plate spider was a craft we first made for Halloween last year so we had another go last week. We covered a plate in black paint and whilst it was drying folded up some strips of paper for the legs. This was a great activity for fine motor skills and took a lot of patience from the little ones.

paper plate spider

Paper plate butterfly

This was Georgia’s favourite paper plate minibeast to make. I used two paper plates to cut out the wings shape and helped her to stick the pieces together…and of course she added LOTS of glitter.

paper plate butterfly

Paper plate bumblebee

This paper plate bumblebee was created by a very talented 4 year old. She knew exactly how she wanted to make it and only needed help selecting the resources including the gold wings.

paper plate bee

These paper plate minibeasts have taken over my display board for artwork at the moment but I’m still getting requests if we can make some more (so far been asked if we can make a cockroach, stick insect and scorpion!).

As well as displaying them they have also been used in lots of imaginative role play with them buzzing, flapping and flying around the playroom.

paper plate minibeasts


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