March at Clare’s Little Tots has been all about mini beasts. Inspired by the warmer weather and being able to get out more the Little Tots have been fascinated with the worms we found under rocks in the garden as well as all the snails that kept coming out in the rain. I aim to follow children’s interests as much as possible when it comes to planning fun activities for them so below is a list of some of the mini beast inspired things we have been getting up to:

1. Minibeast Sensory play

This sensory bin was probably one of the most disgusting we’ve done yet but the Little Tots loved it. Click to read more about our Minibeast Sensory Bin.

mini beast sensory play

2. Paper plate Minibeasts

This was a big hit with the Little Tots and they loved coming up with ideas to design their own mini beast using paper plates, paint and google eyes. Click to view all the minibeasts we made.

paper plate minibeasts

3. Bug hunt in the garden

Using a laminated Minibeast Treasure hunt card from Twinkl we had a go at seeing how many different mini beasts we could find in the back garden and then counted up our results.

bug hunt

4. Spider Print Painting

I set out some plastic spiders, paints and paper for this wonderful make making opportunity for the Little Tots. It made a great change to paintbrushes and some great patterns and marks emerged. Click to read more about our spider print painting.

spider print painting

5. Mud and Bug Playdough

There isn’t many themes we do that don’t include a related play dough set up. This mud themed minibeast playdough smelled absolutely amazing and was played with daily.

minibeast playdough

6. Building a snail hotel

What started as a cave for a worm soon turned into a hotel for snails only (no other bugs allowed!). First we went on a nature walk locally and collected lots of natural loose parts such as stones, twigs, flower petals etc and then left the Little Tots to see what they would create.

bug hotel

7. Bug junk modelling

I gave the Little Tots a box of recyclables, sticky tape, pens, googly eyes and supervised with scissors to see what creepy crawlies we could make. Recyclables make great loose parts play and the possibilities are endless with little imaginations

Junk moddeling

8. Butterfly Collage.

This simple craft was a lot of fun. I cut out a butterfly shape out of sticky back plastic and secured to a piece of paper. The Little Tots had great fun covering every last inch of it in colourful scrap materials to make these pretty butterflies.

Butterfly collage

9. Ice Play with Minibeasts

This can be done with any small toys and is always a hit. Click to read all about this simple ice play with minbeasts

ice play with minibeasts

10. Hungry Caterpillar craft

A great way to use all those bottle lids you’ve been keeping. We also added google eyes, pipe cleaners, yellow circles and glitter for the sun and fruits cut out of coloured foam.

Hungry Caterpillar craft

11. Minibeast sensory tray

I made several of these over the month using different materials such as compost, lentils and rice to hide the plastic minibeasts in along with some scoops and pots.

Sensory play

 12. Conker Caterpillars

conker caterpillar

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