The warmer weather means the Little Tots are seeing creepy crawlies everywhere we go at the moment and what kid doesn’t love bugs? So we’re going to spend the rest of the month doing lots of minibeast themed activities starting with this simple ice play with minibeasts set up.

This invitation to play was quick to set up, just freeze the night before and you’re good to go.

ice play with minibeasts


You will need:

  • Small minibeast or other animals
  • Small containers to hold them (some were poking out the top but this didn’t matter)
  • Water
  • A tray for messy play (ours are cat litter trays from pet shops)
  • Some small jugs of warm water
  • Other tools if you have them such as toy hammer, chisel, tongs etc.


  • Place your animals into the small containers and fill with water
  • Freeze overnight
  • When you’re ready get them out the freezer and place them in a messy tray. I had to wait for about 10 minutes before they had defrosted just enough to come out of their containers.
  • Add a few small jugs of warmer water and any small tools if you have them and away you go

ice play with minibeasts

This is a great activity for all ages. Babies can enjoy the sensory experience of ice and water and older children can enjoy the challenge of trying to set the minibeasts free by pouring water over them or chipping away at them.

ice play with minibeasts

The Little Tots also had great fun trying to guess which animal would be free from the ice next by deciding which ones had the least ice left on them.

ice play with minibeasts

As soon as they were all free they continued playing with the animals in the tray of water and added a few more along with some stones and trees, inventing their own small world scene and imaginative play. It was requested that we do this activity again straight away so definitely one to store up again for future use.

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