We love playdough at Clare’s Little Tots so with Valentine’s Day coming up this is the perfect opportunity to make some valentine’s day playdough. I used our basic playdough recipe four here but added pink glitter, food colouring and strawberry flavouring to give it an amazing smell. It smells so good that at the first the Little Tots did wonder if they could eat it.

valentines day playdough

Alongside the playdough I set out some valentines themed loose parts to create this themed invitation to play that has been played with for a few hours every day this week so far. You can read more about the importance of loose parts in play on my blog post here.


  • 2 cups of flour
  • 4 tablespoons of cream of tartar
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 2 cup of boiling water
  • a good helping of pink food colouring
  • a few drops of strawberry flavouring
  • pink glitter


  • Mix together the flour, cream of tartar, salt and glitter  in a bowl.
  • Add the food colouring to the water and mix before adding to the bowl.
  • Add the oil.
  • Mix until it all comes together then leave to cool
  • Turn out of the bowl and knead really well for a few minutes. At first it will be very sticky but after its been kneaded this does go so resist the urge to add more flour just yet.
  • Store in a airtight container or ziplock bag and keep somewhere cool, we usually store in the fridge and it should last for a few months.


valentines day playdough

The benefits of playdough are well documented and it is one of my favourite mediums for creative and imaginative play as well as sensory play. Its so versatile, cheap to make your own and anything can be added to it to enhance play. Although I set this up as a Valentine’s Day invitation to play it soon became other things such as a pizza making factory and a rescue mission to reduce the dinosaurs from the lava (we had just read The Dinosaur That Pooped The Pastaffiliate link).


valentines day playdough

I can see the Little Tots wanting to play with this Valentine’s Day playdough for a long time as they are not showing any signs of getting bored with it.  

valentines day playdough

Activity Extension Ideas:

  • Try a different themed playdough – we’ve got loads here
  • Make some heart decorations using puffy paint
  • Use a salt dough to make some Valentine’s Day keep sakes
  • Print these Valentine’s Day Playdough Mats from Twinkl to use with your playdough
  • Paint some Valentine’s Day pictures using pink and red paints, glitter, heart stampers etc
  • Talk about people we love and the who loves us
  • Make a Valentine’s Day card for someone special
  • Bake some Valentine’s Day treats
  • Or for even more ideas have a look at our Valentine’s Day Pintrest Board

Areas of Learning:

  • Physical development: enjoying sensory experiences, picking up small objects.
  • Personal, social and emotional development: engaging in pretend play, selecting resources with help and playing along side others
  • Understanding the world: becomes absorbed in combing objects, exploring by linking objects together – touch, feel, pulling, hitting etc
  • Expressive arts and design: exploring wide range of media and sensory exploration, noticing mark making, describing textures, constructing with a purpose, playing make believe.

valentines day playdough


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