This afternoon we combined two of our favourite things here at Clare’s Little Tots – cars and drawing. The result was a beautiful masterpiece and lots of fun. This simple play activity took a few minutes to set up, costs nothing and uses things you’ll already have around the house. I can already see drawing with cars is going to be a firm favourite around here (this post contains affiliate links). 



You will need:

Setting up Drawing with Cars:

1. Roll out the paper on to a hard floor and secure at the corners and in the middle using sticky tape.

2. Attach the pens to the back of the cars using tape….and let them play / draw.


The two Little Tots who were with me this afternoon are 14m and 22m and they had great fun pushing, pulling, racing and moving cars round the paper as well as picking them up to check out the pens and of course get covered in it. Luckily they are the Crayola washable ones.


Once they had finished they both took their socks off to run up and down the paper. I replaced the paper 3 times as they played with the cars for almost 45 minutes.


I will definitely be doing this again with the older children I look after as I know they will love this.

This simple play could be extended further by encouraging older children to make patterns, shapes or practice writing letters and numbers. I also plan to try this outside using chunky chalks and our patio (once it stops raining!) or even with paint and paintbrushes for some messy play.


Areas of Learning:

Not only was this activity quick and easy to set up it covered the 7 areas of learning and development set out in the EYFS. I observed the following with the 14m and 22m old that did this and it will be great to observe even more with older children when I do this again.

  • Communication and language: learning new words (colours)
  • Physical development: fine motor skills, passing toys from one hand to another
  • Personal, social and emotional development: playing alongside others, interested in what other children do.
  • Literacy: early mark making, beginning to distinguish between marks that have been made.
  • Maths: counting cars, language of size, noticing patterns.
  • Understanding the world: knows cars are for pushing.
  • Expressive arts and design: notices mark making, experiments with colours and marks


drawing with cars

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