To mark Chinese New Year on Friday 31st January we had a busy week of chinese new year activities and craft which were great for toddlers and including the following:

  • Making chinese dragon masks. I used the template from here, printed on to card, gave them some bright crayons to colour them in. Then we cut them out and added elastic to make a mask.
  • Finding out our names in chinese and trying to copy them using black paint.
  • Looking at where China is on a map.
  • Chinese firework painting – this simple craft just involved red paper, and gold paint mixed with glitter.
  • Chinese lantern making – these were really quick to make and I used the instructions from this website.
  • Trying some chinese food.
  • Messy play with noodles – this was by far the most popular activity!
  • Watching videos of chinese dragon dancing and then trying to copy them.
  • Reading ‘Lanterns & Firecrackers’ which we took out from our local library.

As it was the year of the horse I was desperate to find some horse related craft but they all looked a bit difficult for the ages I had. Luckily next year is the year of the sheep so I’m sure I’ll be about to find lots of easy sheep related crafts.

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