Continuing with our winter theme we got messy yesterday and made some lovely sparkly craft stick snowflakes. These ended up being a two part activity with the paper we created them on being used to create icy collages afterwards.

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snowflake decorations

You will need:

  • Craft sticks
  • PVA glue
  • A stronger glue or aGlue Gun
  • Silver and blue glitter
  • Silver, blue and white paint
  • Blue and white tissue paper
  • Cotton wool
  • Ribbon, string or cotton.

How to make craft stick snowflakes:

Lay out the craft sticks and let little hands get creative with the glue, glitter, paint, tissue paper or whatever else you have.

snowflake decorations

snowflake decorations

2. Leave to dry. We had to leave ours to dry overnight due to the amount of glue they used on them.

snowflake decorations


3. Once dry I used a glue gun to create a snowflake out of the craft sticks with direction from the Little Tots of where each of their sticks should go. We did initially try this using PVA glue but it wasn’t strong enough to hold them.

4. We then attached some string and looped it round so we could hang them up. For now they’re sitting on our display board but the plan is for them to take them home and hang on their Christmas trees.

craft stick snowflakes


There was a lot of materials left over so they then used them to get creative and make some snowy wintery pictures which we’ve also displayed with the rest of our winter crafts.

snowflake decorations

I think next time I do this I’ll buy some blue or white craft sticks or even get them to paint them first before decorating so it looks more effective.

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Early Years Outcomes:

I did this activity twice with various ages (14m, 15m, 17m, 22m and 3yrs) and observed the following when we were doing it:

  • Communication & language: focussing attention, following instructions, learning new language.
  • Physical development: picking up small objects, handling and using equipment and construction materials.
  • Maths: selects a given number if objects (craft sticks).
  • Expressive arts and design: sensory experimentation, creating with purpose, exploring different textures.


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